What Was Former Vero Beach, FL Mayor Jay Kramer Doing at the “America First” Rally That Led to an Insurrection of the United States Capitol?

Vero Beach, Florida’s newsweekly 32963 staff writer Ray McNulty wrote on January 28, 2021 that “FBI agents seek to question former Mayor Jay Kramer.”

Mr. McNulty reported that former Mayor and current Republican Executive Chairman Jay Kramer “refused to talk to FBI agents who wanted to question him about his activities while attending then-President Donald Trump’s ‘Save America’ rally in Washington, DC., on January 6.”

It’s unclear if Mr. McNulty found out Mr. Kramer attended the “Save America” rally and approached him for his comments, or if Mr. Kramer approached Mr. McNulty with his comments.

We emailed Mr. Kramer on February 1, inquiring if he “Would …be agreeable to an interview about the article in 32963?  I’d like to get your take on it for Vero Communiqué.”

Mr. Kramer replied on February 2: “I don’t think that would be an issue.”


Subsequently we emailed Mr. Kramer to arrange a visit, but he never replied.

When Mr. McNulty’s article was posted on Facebook, the first comment was from Lynne Vero Larkin, a former Vero Beach Mayor, with a JD from Georgetown who formerly worked for the CIA.

Please tell me you were misquoted by Ray McNulty.”

Here are several quotes which Lynne Vero Larkin must have been referring to by Mr. Kramer:

When asked why he refused to talk with FBI agents, he told Vero Beach 32963“Why should I? It’s not my job to help them with their investigation, especially when they’re investigating me.”

“People shouldn’t be thrilled that the FBI is tracking down people who attended a peaceful rally.”

“Why isn’t the FBI investigating human trafficking or election fraud?”

[According to an October 2020 article by Tommy Beer in Forbes, “An astounding 50% of President Trump’s supporters say they believe top Democrats are involved in elite child sex-trafficking rings.]

According to Mr. McNulty, Kramer blamed the destructive riot at the Capitol on Antifa and other Democratic Party allies.

[According to a February 11, 2021 article by Phillip Bump in the Washington Post, “For months, President Donald Trump had been promoting the idea that Antifa posed a dangerous, rampant, terroristic threat to the country.] 

“There were a lot of non-Trump-supporting people at the Capitol.  I’m sure there were a few Trump supporters in there, too.”

“We’re the party of law and order.  Republicans don’t do this stuff.”

“The Republican Party of Florida is very well tuned into this.  I doubt we’re going to sit tight.”

Had we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Kramer, we would have asked:

Did you walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol with the rioters?  

This image seems that he did since the Capitol behind him is roughly two miles from the Ellipse in President’s Park where the “America First” rally was held (south of the White House fence).

Is that two miles?

From the “Newsletter for Volunteers Brought to You From the Republican Party of Indian River County, FL.”  Vol. 1 December 21, 2020.  Jay Cramer, Chairman

Then again, until a few days ago, perhaps, March 15, 2021, it came to our attention that the local Republican Party has Donald Trump listed as their President from 2020-2024 on their website (see screenshot below).  They refuse to acknowledge the reality that Joe Biden is the President of the United States.

 As many of our elected officials are part of the local Republican Party, we believe that they should take a stand against the continued lies that the local party continues to perpetuate. 

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  1. The Republican Party should rebrand itself as the Trumpublican Party. Anarchy should be listed at the top of its platform, and We Honor Ignorance its slogan.

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