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  1. Hello. My name is TJ Fagan and I am a local resident of Vero Beach and am a Marine and Army Veteran. I was curious if you would run a story about a local man who was very involved in our community for about the last 11 years since he arrived here from PA. I have been a very good friend of this guy for most of those years, until the this last week.

    Not long ago, another local Veteran provided me some proof that “LTC ” Richard G Cantner AKA “The Colonel” is not who he has been saying he is. I have provided a link to a post on a FB page. Please read the entire post and view all the supporting documents and newspaper articles. If you know the man, I’m sure you’ll be just as shocked, disappointed and angry as I am. Many Vets are asking for public exposure of this story. I am beginning to make contact with our local media resources to try and get them to put the word out to those folks who have yet to learn of Dick’s abhorrent character flaw and deceit. Here is the link:

    TJ Fagan
    CW3 US Army
    The Citadel


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