Op-Ed: Is $32,200 a Living Wage?

By Bill Britton  President Biden’s American Recovery Plan totals $1.9 billion and included a minimum wage rise to $15 per hour, before the House of Representatives parliamentarian struck down the latter because of arcane procedural rules.  Let’s examine that $15 per hour minimum and put it in the context of today’s economic reality. At $15 … Continue reading Op-Ed: Is $32,200 a Living Wage?

Bill Britton: Electioneering

  Each year before Election Day, pols with flesh to press stride down my sleepy street and prey on voter ignorance.   "Nice lawn," the vanguard's prone to say and never seems to guess that in late autumn's heat, when hacking greenery, my sweat reeks intolerance.   They cackle like jays on ways to serve me … Continue reading Bill Britton: Electioneering

Bill Britton: “Where Have all the Songbirds Gone?”

  Scarlet Tananger WHEN I WAS GROWING UP ON LONG ISLAND, IT WAS NOT UNCOMMON TO SEE COLORFUL SONGBIRDS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: TANAGERS, ORIOLES, BUNTINGS, AND MORE. Later, as a Boy Scout, I recorded more than 50 local species for the birding merit badge. Over the years, these sightings diminished, as woodland and other natural habitats … Continue reading Bill Britton: “Where Have all the Songbirds Gone?”