Mosquito Infection of Dengue and Chikungunya Viruses



According to Douglas Carlson, Director of the Indian River County Mosquito Control District, there have been 750,000 cases of humans being infected by the Dengue virus by mosquitos in the Caribbean, how from 2009 to 2010 there were 90+ cases of the Dengue virus in Key West and how 11 “local” cases of the Chikunguna virus have been reported in St. Lucie County and 25 cases in Martin County.

Mr. Carlson says these viruses are very serious, but the public’s attention to them has perhaps been swept under the rug by the Ebola disease.

One of the most significant responsibilities of the Mosquito Control District is to conduct surveillance and control of potentially dangerous disease transmitting mosquitos that would circulate a virus. If the District determines a virus is present in significant quantities it will notify the public and step up spraying. Notifying the public could even involve going door-to-door in the areas where there are occurrences of virus.

The Dengue virus is far more serious than the Chikungunya virus. With the Chikungunya virus you become sick with flu like symptoms and arthritic manifestations but the Dengue virus can cause a hemmorthagic condition of internal bleeding.

The Mosquito Control District is an important part of the history of this area. It was the first mosquito control program created in Florida, in 1925, which coincided with the creation of Indian River County.

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