An Open Letter to Florida Power and Light CEO James L. Robo.


The letter below was sent to Florida Power and Light Chairman/CEO James L. Robo in March 2014 upon reviewing FPL’s policy to “opt out” of Smart Meter technology for an “enrollment fee” and subsequent monthly payments. Such payments amount to mob-style extortion that utility customers are forced to pay, simply to remain free from
potential harassment or harm.

March 22, 2014

James L. Robo

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Next Era Energy / Florida Power and Light

700 Universe Boulevard

Juno Beach, Florida 33408

Dear Mr. James L. Robo,

I am writing with regard to the “Smart Meter” appliance that your
company, Next Era Energy / Florida Power and Light (NEE/FPL; NYSE: NEE)
placed on my home and households throughout my Boca Raton neighborhood
in April 2011, and your present bid for my family to “opt out” of
exposure to such technology. As you are likely aware, after doing
extensive research on the device and its implications for privacy and
human health, in addition to conducting periodic measurements with my HF35-C RF Analyzer,


I discovered how your Smart Meter apparatus was discharging microwave
radiation on my family (which includes small children) in excess of
10,000 microwatts per square meter every thirty-to-ninety seconds. I
requested that NEE/FPL remove the meter. NEE/FPL complied only after
being repeatedly telephoned and furnished with my own observations
delivered via certified mail and accompanied by copious scientific
research that such “Smart Meter” technology poses a serious health
hazard and privacy-related concerns (here, here, here, and here).

Yet Mr. Robo, as you are aware, even with this knowledge you have
consciously chosen to act in a grossly irresponsible fashion by
maintaining that the meters in question are safe, and have proceeded to
keep them on millions of NEE/FPL customers’ homes throughout Florida
without their awareness or express consent. This flagrant act
demonstrated to such a manifold degree arguably constitutes fraud,
negligence, and reckless endangerment on a truly astounding scale.

An important interview with Take Back Your Power documentary producer Josh Del Sol:

In your most recent paraphernalia to customers you disingenuously
assert that there are “no credible studies” concluding that “Smart
Meter” radiation is dangerous to human health. As you are well aware,
the body of research on the negative health effects of microwave RF
dates to the 1960s and consists of several thousand military and
scholarly scientific studies. In fact, the only studies that lack
credibility and defy basic scientific standards are those commissioned
by NEE/FPL and its peer utilities throughout North America to avert
public concern over such risks.


Mr. Robo, as a Harvard Man twice over one might conclude that you
hold scientific inquiry and proof thereof in high regard. Your
irresponsible conduct in this matter suggests that any such intellectual
training is not only placed in abeyance but wholly betrayed. Moreover,
your most recent proposition to allow families to “opt out” for a fee of
what is essentially a gigantic scientific experiment is tantamount to mob-style     extortion.

I will appreciate the opportunity of meeting and conversing with you
in person so that you may explain to me whether you have a “Smart Meter”
attached to your office, living room, or bedroom wall, as so many of
your customers’ families do. I am also interested to know how you are
able to proceed with a clear conscience given that you are presiding
over such a dangerous health-related trial that will almost certainly
cause countless health problems and an overall deteriorating quality of
life on unsuspecting millions.

An honest Fourth Estate vigorously airing the perils of the
technology you have unilaterally mandated for every single Florida
resident might result in a far more circumspect if not hostile
citizenry. Such inattention by the press has allowed you to successfully
bamboozle the Florida Public Utility Commission into approving the
widescale deployment of this dangerous system and the uncertain effort
to allow customers to “opt out.”

If the “Smart Meter” technology you stipulate were really safe and
beneficial, your customer base would be clamoring to pay the $95.00
initiation and $13.00 monthly fee to “opt in” to the “Smart Grid.” Yet
because the technology is unproven, hazardous, and perhaps even useless
you must foist it on your customers without their knowledge and then
proceed to confuse them even as you disingenuously offer them the option
to say, “No.”

[Can I opt out of a smart meter? As a residential customer, you may choose to opt out by FP&L at 1-800-227-9187 for details. You can also download, complete and sign the online Opt Out application form and return it to Avista.]

Mr. Robo, I once again offer you my emphatic “No!” “No!” to the
fraud, “No!” to the guile, “No!” to the invasion of privacy, and “No!”
to the assault on my family’s health that your outrageous and unfounded
technology poses.


James F. Tracy


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