Is it a Coincidence These Properties Along Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, FL are all for Sale at the Same Time? Could There be a Conspiracy Theory?


View of the east side of Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, FL looking south.

While the above photo is looking south,  as you walk north on the east side of Ocean Drive, just after the Village Spires Condominiums, you enter a lovely beachside residential neighborhood that extends to the Jaycee Park Boardwalk.

There are eight residential properties along this route and three house lots.  Is it a coincidence that six of the eight properties are for sale?  Also, the two that aren’t seem to have recently been taken off the market.

Could there be a conspiracy theory as to why they are all for sale all at the same time?

Here are the six properties and two house lots for sale.

OD 3620

3620 Ocean Drive ~ $ 6,495,000 ~ Treasure Coast Sotheby’s


OD 3636

3636 Ocean Drive ~ $ 6,500,000 ~  Premier Estate Properties


OD 3638

3638 Ocean Drive ~ $ 6,395,000 ~ Dale Sorenson


OD Lot

3640 Ocean Drive ~ Vacant Lot ~ $ 4,200,000 ~ Seaside Realty


OD 3700

3700 Ocean Drive ~ $ 29,995,000 ~ Premier Estate Properties


OD Lot next to 3700

Vacant lot adjacent (north) of 3700 Ocean Drive.  Presumedly for sale with 3700.


OD 3746

3756 Ocean Drive ~ $ 5,475,000 ~ Dale Sorenson


OD 3766

3766 Ocean Drive ~ $ 3,600,000 ~ Sotheby’s International Realty


Here are two properties, which seem to have very recently been taken off the market.


OD 3630

3630 Ocean Drive ~ Zillow Estimated Value: $ 9,645,477


OD 3632

3632 Ocean Drive ~ Zillow Estimated Value: 8,060,000

OD Lot 2

Vacant lot adjacent (north) of 3632 Ocean Drive, perhaps owned by 3632.

Once again, is it a coincidence all these properties in this special residential area are all for sale at the same time?

Or could there be a conspiracy theory?

There does not appear to be any pattern in terms of the realtors selling the properties.

Would a developer spend over $ 50,000,000 to purchase this prime real estate and then 10’s of millions more to bulldoze/reconfigure them and then 10’s of millions more to create a resort?

Maybe Wynn Resorts Chairman Steve Wynn is secretly buying them up.


According to a November 2, 2017 article by Tom Acitelli in “Wynn Resorts has spent $75 million buying up properties around its under-construction casino-resort in Everett (Massachusetts).

The Las Vegas-based company plans to spend $15 million more, all in an effort to essentially spruce up the area surrounding the 3 million-square-foot, $2.4 billion gambling destination.

‘It’s property that we’re buying so that we can turn Everett into a great example of America, of how a business can change a neighborhood.,’ Steve Wynn, the ‘Wynn’ in Wynn Resorts, said.

Most of the purchased or contracted properties are clustered near the entrance to the future resort, dubbed Wynn Boston Harbor and slated to open soon after construction wraps in late 2018.”

Let’s be serious, it has to be a coinsidence.  But how richly bizarre.

We checked and according to Zillow, Inc. and from 4.24.17 to 11.2.2017 ten houses sold in Vero Beach for over $ 3,500,000, seven of which were over $ 5,000,000.

Obviously houses with prices like those listed above on Ocean Drive are selling.

And as of 11.13.2017, according to, there are 26 houses for sale in Vero Beach for over $ 3,500,000.

  • 13 are priced from $ 3,500,000 to $ 5,000,000
  • 10 are priced from $ 5,000,000 to $ 10,000,000
  • 3 are priced over $ 10,000,000 (one for $ 45,000,000)

We don’t know how to conclude this, other to say, once again, how richly bizarre.

Please don’t start any rumors about Steve Wynn!  He’s too busy in Boston. We just wanted to have fun with this article, point out something interesting and we hope you enjoyed it.


3700 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach

Sherry Nist, Chair of the Board of Directors of, contributed to this article.  Ms. Nist graduated with honors from the South Carolina Honors College at the University of South Carolina.  She attended the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School – Mandarin Chinese.  She is highly proficient in verbal Mandarin Chinese and almost fluent in verbal and written Spanish.














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