Emma Cahill: Poems! Words and Rhythm!

Carley and Emma

Carly and Emma

Emma Cahill is in Fifth grade at Glendale Elementary, Vero Beach, FL.  She is a Gold Gymnast, speed skater and a Glendale Elementary “Young Author.”

Did you know poetry and journalism can work together?

Here is a quote that told me about it:

According to Herbert Marshall McLuhan, below, a Canadian philosopher, “What distinguishes poetry from journalism, aside from obvious distinctions of form – uses of words, patterns of words, sequences of words – is not a difference in kind but a difference in focus. Journalism is concerned with the look of the world; poetry with the feel of the world.”

Here are two poems that I wrote:


The Rule for School

I was going to school,

I thought I was cool,

But when I got there,

There was a big rule,

The rule was very cruel,

I wonder what I’m going to do.


My Dogs

I love my dogs,

They love to chew on logs,

But the logs are very rough,

So, my dogs go huff and puff,

Because they are trying to be tough,

They threw a big fit,

Trying to chew it,

the log,

But they are just dogs,

Who never like to sit.

“Writing a poem is like using speech and song. Poems have rhythm and are often written in stanzas which are like the verses of songs.” (dictionary.com)

That is what I have learned about poems and journalism.


Herbert Marshall McLuhan




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