Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell Retains Legal/Mediation Counsel. [School District of Indian River County, FL]

In a March 20, 2019 letter to Laura Zork, Chairman, Indian River School Board, Attorney H. B. Stivers of the firm Levine & Stivers, LLC wrote that his firm “has been retained to represent Dr. Mark Rendell…to advise and and assist Dr. Rendell concerning the terms and conditions of his employment with the District.”

At a March 12, 2019 Board meeting, Board member Jaqueline Rosario cited the second amendment to Dr. Rendell’s contract, whereby the Board “…may by majority vote [on or before July 31, 2019] decline to employ the superintendent beyond June 2020.”


Looking closely, Attorney Stivers, wrote that “…the terms and conditions of his employment has been a ‘hot topic’ of conversation by Board members amongst themselves…(emphasis added).”

Is Attorney Stivers implying the Board has violated sunshine laws?  Perhaps that sentence should be rewritten.


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3 thoughts on “Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell Retains Legal/Mediation Counsel. [School District of Indian River County, FL]

  1. Rendell’s contract is attached to the board agenda. The school board can vote now to terminate his contract without cause and pay him for 20 weeks salary.
    Rendell hiring legal counsel is a bit premature and makes one wonder, especially since at least one board member has been lobbying for letters in support of his contract extension and it is not the one you’d think. Seriously inappropriate behavior since this same board member rated him a 2.5 last year and he’s done absolutely nothing to improve upon that score over the last 12 months.
    Graduation rates up however read rates down (in other words they pass students who are not actually passing nor are they prepared for college or supporting themselves).
    Legal expenses skyrocketed.
    CFO debacle and financial disaster.
    He did not come forward with honesty to the board about the financial disaster but rather the two whistleblowers had to do so.
    He tried several times (during open public board meetings), to cover up the financial disaster.
    So how can anyone, especially any board member, sit there and solicit support of this Superintendent?

    • In follow up to the above, it appears that the two board members lobbying to keep Rendell are Justice (absolutely no surprise there since she defends him on everything) and Barenborg. Too bad for Barenborg. She severely compromised herself by actually lying and saying she had no knowledge of Rendell’s bullying when she’s been told repeatedly by staff and, in fact, stated in public that she would put a stop to it. Not starting off well, Teri! If you cannot even keep your story straight that you tell in public, you’re in big trouble and off to a rocky start. Maybe with all you have on your plate, it’s just too much for you to handle. If so, move over and let Klim take over. She would know exactly how to handle these situations.

  2. Folks can make themselves heard at the board meeting on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 when Jackie Rosario again brings the Superintendent’s contract up for discussion. However, will this discussion result in any action? As the writer above states, 20 weeks of payout and the board can rid themselves of this albatross.
    The time has been long overdue to cut their losses and assign an interim Super and clean house of all Rendell’s “holdovers” in the school district before they bankrupt them and take the current board down with him.
    Purcell would be a great choice to take care of business. She has the experience. Maybe if they get rid of the current Super, they can find a CFO that will actually be willing to take on the monumental job of straightening out their finances. The current Super has proven he’s not up to the task!

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